The Company

A Brief History

Flowzone was conceived in 2007 when we were working with a number of clients in the creative sector and realised that there weren't the tools to manage projects in the way that they wanted.

Sure, there were project management products like Microsoft Project and these are great tools to work with in the right situation.

But, for many of our clients, they didn't work in the fast moving projects that they were involved in. We used the term Interactive Project Management as this reflected some of the ways in which projects for our clients progressed.

Quite often, for example, they couldn't be planned out in fine detail and the approach had to be flexible.

So the concept of Flowzone was borne.

To our surprise, our clients were quite taken by the idea and ten of them actually paid us money up front to develop the solution. That's faith for you!

We delivered the first version in early 2008 and haven't looked back since.

How we Work

Right from the start Flowzone has been developed with our clients' involvement.

We have regular meetings where a number of our clients come together to provide feedback and give us new thoughts about new features and product direction.

And we have a great dialogue through the many calls and conversations we have with them.

Sometimes it's a challenge trying to find the right course through all of the ideas that we get but we hope that over the years we've got it right more often than not.

If you want to get involved then have a look here at our partner meetings. We'd love to hear from you.

The Numbers

..years of development

..lines of code (and counting)


..brilliant product!