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The planet's most adaptable project management

Your business is unique. Your project management should be too.

Flowzone's project management is so simple to use.

You can store project information, set statuses, invite people onto a project, create milestones, manage documentation and much more.

It's quick and easy to get started. Just request your  free trial and start exploring the ways in which Flowzone can help you manage your projects.

And the great news is that as you use Flowzone you can start to customise it and use it in more sophisticated ways if you want to. There's almost no limit to how much you can do.

Document Management & Approval

Simple upload and sharing.

If you need to upload documents into your projects then Flowzone let's you do this quickly and simply.

Share them out to anyone you'd like to give access to - whether that's colleagues, clients, suppliers or anyone who you are collaborating with.

Drag & Drop.

Not only single files but whole folders can be dragged onto our unique upload tool.

All in the browser.

Everything is done in the browser. Nothing to download, nothing to install...100% hassle free.

Zoom and pan

Images and documents can be zoomed and panned, all in the browser. Check details without having to download and open the file. Easy for everyone and great for smart phones and tablets.

Flowzone's Advanced Document Features

  • Create sub-folder structure
  • Thumbnails & Previews
  • Zoom
  • Supports multiple page PDFs
  • Status Fields
  • Quick & Easy Approval Process
  • Advanced Reporting

Document Review

Simply easier and more organised than email

In Control.

As all your documents out for review and approval are in one place you get great oversight over where everything is.

Feedback options. Comment, annotate, request amends, approve

Feedback is easy when you have different options. Provide general comments or be more specific with annotations. A coloured status scheme (decided by you) tells you at a glance where you are on each document.

Drag, Drop...Go!

In just a few seconds the document you want to approve can be attached to an approval process that can include one or more collaborators.

No size restrictions

Anyone you tick to be involved in the review process will receive an email. But as you are just sending a link to Flowzone - and not the document itself - you won't run into problems trying to send emails that are too large for some email systems. It also means that email systems don't get clogged up with large attachments.