The New Launches

Flowzone announce the launch of a fresh new look for our website, August 2018.

The most flexible, customisable workflow management tool in the industry can now be found via a new website which reflects our ethos: clear; reliable; informative; built for our customers.

We have made some improvements to the way we guide you through the product and its features. Our powerful tool is the simplest way to manage your business processes. Our website reflects that simplicity and puts you at its heart. Let us walk you through a few of the elements we’ve added.

About our new site

Customer bios You want to be reassured that other companies like you have made the same decision in choosing Flowzone. We have added a few case studies from some of our most well-known clients, to inspire you to follow their lead.

Clear pricing schema Let’s not mess around here – pricing is key. It’s the first thing your stakeholders are going to ask you about. Our new website provides you with a pricing model based on your user base. No hidden support costs, licence charges or development update fees. It’s all clear in black and white.

Features We love our new Features space. It’s something we’ve worked hard on, because we want you to be able to feel that flexibility and customisation right from the start. The new page lets you pick out the features that mean the most to you and build your own personal list. This helps us go on to customise your demo experience even further and it’s just a small taste of the customisable system you could get with Flowzone.


How we work We wanted to give you an insight into how a typical Flowzone implementation looks and feels. Nothing we do is in isolation and sometimes that’s a new experience for clients. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all product. It’s so easy to turn this workflow management tool into something so much more powerful. Learn about the unique way we rapidly setup a system that works in sync with your company’s processes.

Contact We do things a little differently. We know it works and that you’ll be impressed. So, it should be easy to get in touch. Simply submit your enquiry directly, or give us a call, and get an answer from us without the wait.

Blogs and articles Our relationship with our clients is central to the product we develop. We want to better inform you about our company, our software and the latest updates you can expect to see. Come back regularly to learn more about how Flowzone works and the difference we can make to your project and workflow management.

Take a look around the new site and get to know the Flowzone product a little more. People are interested in how the tool has developed, so we want to tell you about our company and our history. Looking to the future, we want to make it easy for our prospective clients to get a feel for how powerful the tool can be to your business, your people and your projects. Take some time, find out more, and get in touch with us so we can start a conversation with you.