3 Immediate ways Flowzone will streamline your job process.

Flowzone is designed to be tailored to the way your organisation operates. So, what improvements will you see in your workflow once you are up and running? Here are our top three quick wins when it comes to streamlining your processes!

  1. Information on Tap from your Custom Dashboard.

During the implementation phase, we will make sure you are set up with a dashboard displaying all the information you need, to help you to quickly assess your workload. We can provide filters on any of your fields, from project phase and status through to customer and time spent. Once you learn how to use the system with personalised training from us, you’ll soon realise how important views are in helping you manage your processes and speeding up transactions, allocating work and approving documents and assets.

You don’t have to change your processes to fit in with Flowzone as it empowers you to get the best out of the way you manage your jobs. Seamlessly bringing together your entire operation in one place.

  1. Centralised, managed, documents.

If you’re using emails right now, or even just a shared drive, prepare to be transformed. Flowzone organises your documents and other assets and, without downloading a single thing, you can review, approve and issue your assets within the tool itself. It even sends a quick email to point a user in the direction of a task awaiting their attention. The process of collaborating suddenly moves from an error-prone, long-winded mess – to a smooth, easy and quick process.

You can choose to store your documents within an individual project, or by using the shared Library area. This Library is the place to store all those stock images, brand assets and completed work that you want to share with your team, business or people outside your business such as clients or suppliers.

  1. Task assignments.

Managing workload through a variety of spreadsheets and separate to-do lists is incompatible with a streamlined process. Flowzone brings together all your task management, from creation to completion, into one central live hub. Everyone has a view that shows them the tasks for which they are accountable. Anyone can review the status of a job or project. Allocation of work becomes simple when all of your organisation’s workflow is brought together. Can you imagine a world where you don’t need to chase up your project managers for status updates? It’s all right there, and Flowzone makes it easy to keep every task list fresh and accurate.

However you operate, Flowzone can make life easier. Endlessly customisable, we will work with you to understand your processes – helping you discover potential improvements. We work with your users to create unique views and dashboards that will make status reporting instant and accurate. These are just three of the most obvious ways we can help streamline your processes – get in touch to find out how much easier your operations could be.