Flowzone Basics – Get creative with your Tabs.

The first questions we ask when you’re starting out with Flowzone are: how do you work at the moment? And how do you want to work? That concept – the best way to organise your work – is at the heart of our conversation, right from the very beginning.

Flowzone uses customised Tabs, list views and dashboards at the centre of your customisation.  It’s the first one of these – Tabs – into which we are going to give you some insight.

Flowzone Tabs present your information, the stuff that powers your processes and lets everyone know what they are doing, in as many ways as you need to really get organised.

They are powerful containers for all your project information, set out in flexible ways that look great and work brilliantly.

We’ll provide you with training and ongoing support, so you’ll know how to create and manipulate these views. You are in control.

  1. Tabs for all.

Different types of work that you are doing will have different tabs.  It all depends on what you are using Flowzone for.

Want to track creative design work?  Then create a Tab for that.  Want to manage a whole range of campaigns?  Then create a Tab for that.  Want to progress your sales leads?  Then create a Tab for that.  The list of what you can do with Tabs, and the information you store on them, is almost endless.

  1. Multiple Tabs?

 Yes, you can create any number of different Tabs. You can order them in terms of priority of the information they display, mix them up with some of the powerful built-in Tabs, like the document management Tab or the activities or milestones Tabs.

Don’t forget Flowzone can organise almost anything.  From campaigns to design work, video production, sales leads, internal support, print work, legal projects, engineering projects, documentation creation, holiday requests… the list goes on and on.

Each of these processes will have their individual parts, so mix custom and standard Tabs to provide the perfect environment across different types of work.

  1. Get creative.

Laying out, customising and adding new fields is simple with Flowzone. With a bit of training you will soon be a master of Tab creation.  Add imagery, helpful hints, backgrounds and more to make your Tabs really sing.

Your Tabs can be detailed or simple, mirroring briefs and other forms.

The greatest thing about Flowzone’s Tabs feature is that it really makes you think and assess what information is important to you, your business or your role and why. It allows you to set up this important information in a format which gives you instant access with minimal effort.

Once these Tabs are set up, they can be filtered, refined and developed so that the information displayed, which might have once been a manual paper-based process, can be viewed at the click of a button.