GDPR – Flowzone’s committed! Life after the regulation and how to remain compliant.

And, relax. Isn’t it lovely how quiet your inbox seems these days? Half of your spam has disappeared, and that endless flurry of GDPR-based panic emails has finished. That’s all done and dusted, then. Sorry – wrong! It wasn’t just a one-time effort that is over with now the regulation deadline has passed. This is it – you’re living in a GDPR-compliant world. So, are you compliant? Who’s responsible for making sure your processing of personal data aligns with the regulation?

If you haven’t already you need to assess your compliance level and get compliant, as soon as possible, for all the reasons you’ve read for the last six months in emails from various companies.

There are a few things you must be able to prove, should a situation arise, in order to be deemed compliant. As Flowzone is so flexible the level of personal data held can vary significantly.  In many situations it will be limited to simple login details, but this still counts as personal data.  However, in Flowzone you have all the tools you need to manage, report, and amend user information; strictly control access; modify or delete records as needed so that these are kept up-to-date and compliant; and filter fields to identify preferences.

GDPR means that you must be able to prove consent for any contact – B2C and B2B alike. Whenever you send an email from within your business, you need to be able to show that the person receiving that email gave their permission for you to get in touch. Flowzone have you covered if your workflow involves tasks within and outside of your organisation, such as with suppliers and customers, with the ability to set fields for communication preferences and to timestamp when these preferences were set, making it easy to identify who agreed to what and when. The audit trail is there for you to show this clearly, should you ever need to.

The Information Commissioner’s Office will has said that it wants to support companies that are trying to do the right thing and fines are not necessarily their first port of call.  However, with Flowzone you can take care of any personal data that you hold (as well as all your projects, assets, documents and tasks!)

Flowzone will build you a system that seamlessly interacts with your enterprise systems. Our customisable tool meets your business’ individual needs. Yes, you need to be compliant. But you want more than that. You want to know that you have a smart, adaptable system  that is secure and reliable.

Don’t be caught out by the excuse of “not knowing”. Everyone with an email account knows GDPR impacts every business in the EU, and yours is no different.