The top 5 questions a new customer will ask.

Here we look at the top 5 FAQs that new customers ask us when starting out with Flowzone. If you think we have missed one, or you have one, get in touch and let us know! We’ll post the answers here next time.

  1. I’m already managing my tasks using a spreadsheet. Why do I need this software?

If you’re using a spreadsheet to organise your work then you’ll find Flowzone is a very easy transition. Our “List” views give you an overview of everything that is ongoing in the system. They allow you to filter and view the information exactly as you require. The difference is that everything is live and up-to-date; there’s no version control, and no saving. You can easily manage your processes using different views, which are a powerful way of customising and managing your tasks. And you can put summary information onto your dashboard.  We can replicate everything you are doing with your spreadsheet – and give you the potential for so much more.

  1. Will I need to change my processes to fit the way Flowzone works?

Flowzone is designed to be customised. Our team works closely with you to understand the way that you work. After examining your processes, we can quickly tailor the system to your way of working. You might find, during this process analysis phase, that you want to make some improvements. Other than that, we change nothing about the way you work – Flowzone is flexible enough to simply enhance everything you do.

  1. What support will I receive when we are using Flowzone?

Implementing and using Flowzone is a two-way activity. We work closely with you to customise the system in whatever ways you require. We provide training to your users to set them up with the level of access and knowledge that you want them to have. We can even train your people first, then get them involved in customising the tool – giving you the ultimate super-user experience. There are no additional support costs. Your subscription fee includes everything.  Can any other workflow systems provide that level of personal service?

  1. How is Flowzone hosted?

Because Flowzone is a web application, you can choose whether you go for cloud hosting or to host on your own server. The cloud-hosted option is easier in many ways, because you can get going immediately with no hassle or maintenance concerns. However, many of our clients choose to host Flowzone locally because of the ease with which it can interface with your file system. Flowzone is a fantastic base for managing, approving and sharing documents, so this link in the backend can be really beneficial. You also have easier access to larger storage if you host it yourself (there are charges involved with increasing cloud storage capacity). We will help you determine the best choice for your organisation.

  1. Can I use Flowzone software to manage tasks assigned to the entire team?

The capabilities within Flowzone to assign and organise tasks will transform the way your employees collaborate. Each user can have their own tailored view showing their responsible tasks and can manage and allocate work as they require. The document management features allow individuals to share documents, images and any other assets linked to your projects quickly and without creating an email management headache.  We can work with you to create a customised view that supports each individual user and allows them to quickly and easily review, manage and complete their daily tasks.


Choosing Flowzone is the start of a relationship that will analyse and improve the way every person in your organisation manages their workload. Reporting, customising and allocating tasks is made easy because the tool is so flexible. Contact us to start the conversation.