A guide to refreshing your system.

Set up your system a while ago? New processes or ways of working? Want a refreshed look? Whatever it is, we can help you get your Flowzone system updated so you get the best out of it.

Whether you simply want to do some housekeeping or if you are itching to make use of some of the new features we’ve been introducing, we are here to help.   Here, we discuss some of the key parts of your Flowzone system that you might want to look at updating.


Updating your Processes

Over time, we all change the ways we do things.  Employing Flowzone’s new workflows in your system to reflect new or existing processes can transform the interactions between users. Flowzone workflows guide users smoothly through the choices they need to make at each stage of a project. Putting in place a workflow to reflect a new or redesigned process is an excellent way to embed new behaviours without requiring a huge amount of training.


Updating Your Dashboards

Are you using your dashboard several times a day? If not, it’s probably because it isn’t showing you genuinely valuable information any more. Wouldn’t it be great if it really summarised everything you need to know, for example, all the projects awaiting actions, a pie chart showing you all current projects by status, a bar chart of project volumes over the last quarter, the latest work to be approved and much more. That’s the power of the dashboard, and if yours isn’t working for you – we can help.

With the latest administrative control over dashboards you can determine what all your users have on their dashboards.  For some higher-level users, you might leave them to configure their own dashboards.  For others, you can now set up their dashboards for them and if you make changes to that setup it’s a one-button action to push those changes out to all users within a group.


Updating your Tabs

You’ll be surprised what you can now put on your tabs.  It’s not just about laying out fields of information.  It can be incredibly useful to have a main landing tab where you pull in information from across your project.  That information might include the last few comments or events, the most recent or approved documents, a summary of how much time has been spent on your project by time category, or the progress of the workflow.   Get creative and start thinking about what information users would like to see as soon as they come into a project.


Updating your List Views

We love the latest options for configuring multiple list views in Flowzone.  They are so powerful.

Create list views of projects for different user groups, focusing in on the things that are relevant to those groups.  For example, want different lists for different territories, for different brands, to see different types of work?  No problem at all.

And these options apply equally to your company, documents, activities, milestone and user lists.


Updating your Login Screen

Want a new bold graphic or perhaps a video on your login screen to reflect an update to your branding or just to brighten up your morning when you log first log in.  We want every part of our client’s experience to be personal, relevant and drive productivity from the get go.

There are a lot of options to reconfigure or refresh.  If that feels overwhelming, don’t worry, just get in touch. Our relationship with our clients doesn’t end when the system is handed over! We want the system to work perfectly in sync with your processes as your business evolves – now and in the future.