Quick project summaries, available at a glance.

Upcoming Dashboard Charting

Without a good reporting capability, a system doesn’t really help you to “’think”. You could be guided through a process, or easily organise project information; but at the other end, you couldn’t really show whether any of that was improving the day-to-day operations. You want to be able to track performance of people, work and client interactions. Then, you want to be able to make improvements.

Flowzone isn’t only about tracking what you do. It’s about making everything you do work smoothly. It’s about learning lessons and improving interactions. It’s about running your business more efficiently and profitably.

To help you see the information in Flowzone in new ways we have just launched a new set of dashboard charting panels. Read on to find out more…


Analysing your Data

There are already plenty of opportunities for thought-provoking analysis in Flowzone.  Go to any area of the system – Project, Documents, Users, Time, Activities, Milestones, Companies – and you will see  multiple options for viewing the data in each of these categories. Drill down here into as much detail as you need. Then, if you like, export it to Excel or whatever analysis tool you use.

On top of that there are the standard reports and we can also set up custom reports to group and segment your data and run calculations on it.

This is all great for detailed analysis but what if you just want a quick snapshot?  We wanted to make reporting more of a reflex – less of a conscious effort – which is why we have created our new dashboard charting panels.


New functionality

We wanted to make the dashboard functionality smarter, so we have added in new charting panels. These use all the graphical reporting visuals you would expect to see, like pie charts, bar charts and line charts. You can configure these exactly as you need simply by selecting the relevant fields you want to analyse and adding criteria. This way, you get a daily snapshot of whatever area of the system you might need. If you need to see how your data has changed over the course of the last week, month or longer, you can do that too.

How would you like to use this functionality? Would it be useful to be able to see, as a pie chart, the live work you have scheduled this week grouped by category, client or due date?  What about diving into the type of projects completed in the last month as a bar chart? Or how about a line chart indicating which of your workstreams are keeping your people busy in the coming weeks?

It’s always useful to keep an eye on day-to-day operations and an up to date reminder of your key insights right there on your dashboard can change your perspective. Managers, stakeholders and peers are always asking for updates – make it easy on yourself and set up charting summaries on your dashboard.