How to make different Flowzone audiences happy!

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a hundred times – Flowzone is highly customisable.


We build you the system that you want and need. “You”’ is an interesting term though, isn’t it? Who are you? You might be the marketing manager, or you might be a project manager. You might be an account manager, or a designer. What do you need the system to do for you? A huge part of implementing Flowzone is in finding out who your user groups – or audiences – are, and what views they need of the data to make their job easier. For the purposes of this article, let’s imagine “you” are the system admin, and are setting up the system for different groups across your company.


Dashboard view


Let’s start by customising the dashboard. You can show some audiences how to create their own personal dashboards simply by selecting and deselecting different panels. Then, they can move them about so the panels they need for creating new projects, adding new documents, viewing their approvals – whatever they need for their job – are organised logically. It doesn’t take long, why not run a quick lunch and learn session to sweep through the best dashboard setup?

For some audiences though, you can decide precisely how their dashboards will look.  You can take away the options to personalise their dashboards so it’s simpler for them and you know exactly what they will see when they log in. The power!!!


Custom tabs


If you have an audience that needs to organise their project data in a certain way, you can create custom tabs.  Work with those users to figure out what fields they need to manage their project information. The groups that need to use these tabs get to see them but you can hide other ones where they aren’t relevant or contain sensitive information.


List views


The creation of multiple list views is one of the most powerful and useful features in Flowzone.  Each audience can have their own list views.  Each view will be pre-filtered in a certain way and have certain columns set up from the outset.

A bit like the dashboard though, you can decide if each audience can customise the list or if they are simple set views and they just use them as you have set them up.


Hide what’s unnecessary


People hate being met by views they don’t need when they are using a system. With Flowzone, you can set up user groups that have access to certain parts of the system – meaning everyone sees only what they need. Especially useful for over-stretched execs, whom you need to focus on approvals, for example…


Audience Functions


Some of your users might only need to use Flowzone to add and approve designs, quotes and other documents. You can make sure that more advanced functions are turned off.  For example, some audiences will be able to create projects, others just won’t see that function.  You decide.


Ask for feedback


Start asking your people what they would like to change.  Do they need more information?   Or less?  There should be no reason why you can’t create the perfect set of views for each audience, if you take the time to understand what they need.

Super Users


Sometimes it’s great to have a group of “super users”’ who can get feedback across their own department or team and can help in getting that perfect setup.  Then, when you go live – and later if you make any changes to the system – you’ll know that it’s been done in a way that’s going to suit each  audience that you are working with.


If you would like to understand more about how to tailor Flowzone to different audiences, get in touch!