Three fundamental tips for Project Management that can revolutionise your business (and make your dog happy!)

Managing your day-to-day work can be challenging.


If you are constantly working just to keep your head above water, then that’s no fun.


Just imagine if you could take control of everything that you are doing – with clarity over what needs to be done, where everything is, and who is working on what.


The end of the working day really would be the end of the working day. No need to have those nagging doubts about things that should have been done. Time to change shoes and take the dog for a long walk. (Other activities are possible!)


This post is all about moving to a different way of working. Here’s how.


1. Get centralised

Perhaps the biggest tip is getting everything in one place. It might sound obvious, but rather than moving between different systems to work out what is happening – emails, spreadsheets, bits of paper, quick update calls, post it notes, word documents, lists of things to do – bring everything together.


Not only does that mean that you only have one place to go to for most things you need, but you can start to see connections between all your work.


So, imagine someone has added information on a brief. Rather than having to flick between emails (did you get copied in on them all?) and a Word document (have you got the latest version of the file?), you can see that someone else has reviewed it, alongside the comments that have been made.


Context is everything. These micro-gaps in your work can build up into huge time wasters over the course of a day. So, bring everything together and avoid them.


2. Work on how you work

Some work that happens day-to-day just needs a container that everyone can contribute to and see. That’s basic collaboration.


However, other work needs to happen in a certain way. That’s workflow collaboration.


Even if you don’t think of what you do in terms of workflow, it’s likely that some of what you do does have a number of steps that you go through.


Sure, you can rely on people doing things in the right way. But it’s so much better to have a workflow wrapper around your collaboration.


It means anyone new to the business can get up to the same speed as someone experienced – in no time at all. And it means that if someone is off ill or on holiday, everything they were doing doesn’t get missed.


Maybe you’re thinking: well, we don’t want to work like robots, forced to operate in a certain way. That’s missing the point. You are doing this stuff anyway – so why not do it quickly and in control? That way you carve out more time for the creative, valuable, challenging stuff you do.


3. Spend more time with your dog

Well, it might be with your family or your friends, or on your hobbies and passions. However you spend it, downtime is so important.


But quality downtime relies on you forgetting about your work – not having nagging concerns. So, a system that gives you that freedom to relax can be invaluable. It gives you energy for the next day, knowing that you can get back up to speed in moments – with a full view of your work world.


Imagine that benefit spread across your team, your business.


If you are looking for more flexibility, more functionality and an efficient way of working that can support the way you and your team work then get in touch with our team today. We have a fully customisable solution, that means you can centralise everything you do – but in a way that fits in with the modern collaborative environment.