Flowzone Basics – Setting up your Dashboard

Flowzone’s dashboard is a landing page should summarise everything in your Flowzone system that you need to action or know about.


Here, we set out some of the options that you have to get your dashboard set up so that it gives you a perfect view of everything you need – and with no clutter.

Arranging and Moving Panels


You will want to have the things that are most important to you at the top of the screen.  Each dashboard panel can be moved around. Just hover over it, and then drag it to where you want it to go.


Removing Panels


You might have a panel that has been sitting there for a while, but you just aren’t using any more.  You can clean this up by rolling over the panel to bring up the menu in the top right of the header area.  Click on that, and then use the Remove option.


Don’t forget – you can always add it back in later, if you need to.


Talking of which…


Adding Panels


Click on Add panel in the bar just under the main menu and make your selection.


Every Flowzone system will have a wide range of different panels available.


Hopefully the one that you want will be in that selection.  If it isn’t, go and talk to your administrator or get in touch with us.


Adding Columns and Rows into List Panels


With the list view panels you have quite a few options to play with.


For starters, you can add and remove columns.  Click on the spanner (top right) and then pick up options to include by dragging from the right side to the left to add, or from the left to the right to remove.


Whilst you are there, you can change the number of rows to a number between 1 and 10.

Quick Filtering


Under each column name is a light-coloured box. That’s the quick filter area.  Click into it and add some text to filter your list.

Advanced Searching


Click on the advanced search icon and start adding advanced searching options for a more complex search.

Q: What if there isn’t a panel that I want to see?

We are confident that your dashboard should summarise everything that you need.  If you can’t see something you need, then please let us know – we are here to help.


Q: What if I am an admin?


You can set up panels for your users. In fact, you can completely configure your users’ dashboards for them or push a dashboard setup to a whole group of users.


Q: What about graphical reporting panels?


If you are on version 5.46 onwards you can create dashboard graphs such as pie line and bar charts.  Ask your administrator to set them up or come and talk to us.




Your dashboard should be your go-to resource for everything that you need to know.  If you need some help  getting it set up perfectly for you then just get in touch.