Dynamic Forms & Checklists

Responsive forms that make form-filling a pleasure

Selecting options can dynamically change how a form appears

All forms can be created to your own layout requirements and can go from simple to very complex

Get your project or job off to a great start

Respond to user input to present additional (or less) options to complete.

Present completely different briefs depending on the type of job or project.

Collect information at the outset so that everyone is clear on what is required and what is important.

Help your users set out everything they need.

Add imagery, hints and help to guide those completing them in an engaging way.

Combine with a simple workflow for easy brief sign off process.

Help to educate those briefing in with a simple process.


Requesting additional details

Sharing form information

One of the great things about working with Flowzone custom forms is that all the information entered into your form is then available in your Flowzone list views.

This then provides an alternative way of seeing that information which is searchable and sortable.

Flowzone's custom briefs forms can go from simple to complex. Whatever you need, you can create it with Flowzone's super-flexible custom tools.

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