Custom Help

Create and embed custom help for your teams and clients

Create an environment that can be used with little or no training.

Help available where users need it - rather than in separate training guides.

Speeds the initial roll out of your system

Helps users getting used to a new way of working

Great for onboarding any new members of your team

Supporting users who may only access the system occasionally

On your dashboard

The dashboard area is where users land after logging on, so it is a great place to add a welcome and perhaps some summary guidance.

Within your Forms

You may have multiple forms in Flowzone for briefing, checklists, or simply collating information. In these forms you can embed hints, tips, notes and instructions to guide your users.

Creating your own Wiki Help

Flowzone has a simple-to-use web editor that allows you to create as much help and guidance content as you need.

Add text, graphics, screen grabs and even videos.

If your processes change then, no problem, you can change your help content in a few clicks.

Within your Workflows

When creating your workflow steps, don't forget you can add in instructions so that the person (or people) assigned to that step knows exactly what to do.

Create Brand Guidelines

Build a full brand guidelines section directly in Flowzone.

Add the help you need

We can create help and guidance that supports your users working the way you want to work. This reduces or eliminates the questions that might otherwise arise when you roll out a new system.

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