Contact and Demonstrations

live_help What happens after I complete the Contact form?

If you have chosen to be contacted by phone, then we will call you at the time and date you have selected. If you have chosen to be contacted by email, then we will be in touch within two business hours.

live_help What happens after I complete the Request a Demonstration form?

We will send you a confirmation email, including the time and date you have selected. We will also recap any specific features you have selected to see in action during your demonstration.

live_help I just want to have a look at the system, why can't you give me a free trial?

Flowzone really is like no other system, there is more depth to the functionality of Flowzone in comparison to many other systems. If you just want a quick look around, then we would recommend signing up for a Web Demonstration. We are always happy to do as many demonstrations as you need to get a full understanding of the system and will visit your offices for more detailed demonstrations with your team if you prefer that.

live_help How long does the web demonstration take?

It depends! The initial demonstration usually takes half an hour but if you want to explore Flowzone in more depth to see how it will fit in with your team then we would normally arrange to come and meet with you at your offices.

live_help How do the web demonstrations work?

We use Webex, which is a well-known screen sharing application from Cisco. You'll be sent the connection link for the 'meeting' ahead of the demo. It's all really simple and there's no long set up procedure.

live_help I'd like to have some of my colleagues on the web demonstration, is that possible?

Sure, you can invite as many of your colleagues as you wish. You just share the Webex link with them.

Invoices and Cancellation

Invoices and Cancellation

live_help How will I be charged?

Flowzone is paid by an annual subscription charge which is based on the monthly price per user you can see on our Pricing page.

live_help Where can I see your pricing?

All pricing information is on our Pricing page. If you have any questions on our pricing, please do get in touch. Contact

live_help How will you invoice me?

You will be sent an electronic invoice in PDF format.

live_help What are your terms?

Subscription invoices are payable within 30 days.

live_help Can I cancel my Flowzone subscription?

We are proud that so many of our clients have been using Flowzone for long periods. But, yes, you can cancel your Flowzone subscription at any time by emailing us at least 30 days prior to your next subscription renewal date.

live_help How do I pay you?

Our bank details are on the invoices we send you. Simply make a bank transfer to our bank account making sure to include your account reference from your invoice.

live_help Can't I pay by credit card or set up a direct debit

Not at the moment.

live_help Can I send a cheque?

Sorry, we don't accept cheques.

live_help Can I add additional Users?

You can easily add additional Users in Packs of 10. Check our Pricing page for more information about how we charge for different numbers of Users in your Flowzone subscription.

Data Security

Data Security

live_help Will our Flowzone data be regularly backed up?

Flowzone systems are backed up regularly. If a problem occurs, we will be able to perform a full recovery, including all your data. It is unlikely that we will ever need to use the backups, but should the worst occur we are prepared for it.

live_help Can we access Flowzone using a secure connection?

Flowzone's cloud service is accessed via HTTPS so all access is encrypted and secure.

live_help Can we export our data from Flowzone?

Flowzone provides the ability to download your files and export your data in Excel and CSV formats.

live_help Is Flowzone reliable and available when we need it?

On occasions we must take Flowzone offline for updates. This is done out of hours we will inform you in advance wherever possible. We work hard to limit any unexpected problems that would take Flowzone offline and our goal is 100% uptime.

live_help Where will my data be located?

Flowzone's cloud service is fully UK-based in facilities which are Tier 3 and above.

live_help Is my data confidential within Flowzone?

Flowzone values the privacy of its clients, therefore we take every precaution to ensure the security and confidentiality of client data at all times.

live_help Will Flowzone sell my details to other companies?

Flowzone will never sell or distribute your details. We value your privacy. Please see our privacy policy for full details. Flowzone has made all necessary changes to be identified as compliant against GDPR regulations as of May 2018.



live_help Can you customise Flowzone for us?

Yes, this is what Flowzone is all about! Using our rapid configuration tools, we tailor-make every system, so no two are the same. Flowzone is completely adaptable to any business and their individual needs.

live_help Is Flowzone available in other languages than English?

Yes, it is available in French and German.

We are currently working with partners to translate Flowzone into other languages. Please contact us for details.

live_help Do you have a reseller program?

Yes, we have a reseller program for Flowzone. Please contact us for details.

live_help Which browsers does Flowzone work with?

Flowzone works with the current versions of all the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Safari

Other browsers may work with Flowzone (often they will), but they are untested and unsupported by us, should a problem occur.

Cloud or Server

Cloud or Server

live_help Flowzone is available as a Cloud Service?

Yes, it's the quickest and easiest way to get going with Flowzone.

live_help Is Flowzone available to install on one of our Servers?

Yes, Flowzone can be installed onto your own server.

All users still access Flowzone Server through their web browser just like any other web application. The only difference is that as you will using your local network - which is generally quicker than your internet connection - you may find uploading or downloading large files is faster. Other than that, you won't notice much difference between Flowzone installed on your server or Flowzone as a cloud service.

live_help Do you have a Technical Information document?

We have set out technical information about Flowzone here. If you would like to discuss any technical aspects, please do let us know.

live_help Can I move between the Cloud and Server options?

Yes, it is possible to transfer between the two options. We sometimes need to charge for this so please do get in touch if you are considering doing this.



live_help How can I contact Flowzone Support?

There are two ways to contact our Support Team.

  • 1. When you start with Flowzone you will be given access to our web ticketing system. Here you can open a ticket, update a previously submitted ticket or check the status of an existing ticket. Please always provide as much detail as possible so we can best assist you. Check Ticket Status.
  • 2. Call us on +44 (0)1344 636439.

live_help What are the operating hours of Flowzone Support?

Flowzone Support can be contacted Monday to Friday (excluding UK Bank Holidays) from 9:00am to 5:30pm.

live_help Is Flowzone automatically updated?

Flowzone is updated for you and this is done, on average, every three months. There is a short maintenance window required for the update and this is done outside of normal business hours. We will always let you know about updates in advance.