Simple Project Management Software

Easy project management


Easily manage your projects, documents, workflows, activities and milestones. Safely store all your project assets in one place; use the calendar to keep track of your time and project deadlines; stay up to date with built-in and custom notifications; leave feedback via the commenting function; and replace progress meetings with real-time information about new or ongoing work.


Safely share documents, images and other assets directly from Flowzone. Avoid the hazards of sending bulky files via email and make your workplace more efficient, productive and cost-effective by giving team members, suppliers and clients fast and easy access to project information. You get to choose who sees what and when.

Safely share files
Customisable features


Enjoy a fully flexible system that supports the way you and your teams work. Adapt Flowzone to suit your organisation's processes, requirements and ways of working. From managing assets, workflows and projects, to communicating with stakeholders, Flowzone's flexibility means it works seamlessly in whatever way suits you.

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In the cloud or on your server

Enjoy fast, hassle free access to your projects, with the option that works best for your business.


Integrate with tools you already use

Flowzone works with Synergist to make a powerful financial control tool that offers end-to-end agency management.

By integrating with Concept, Flowzone can be used to collect and share non-accounting information with colleagues, departments, suppliers and clients.

Syspro is a leading ERP solution with powerful features and innovative technologies which, when integrated with Flowzone, can streamline and transform your supply chain.

Flowzone sends approved content, such as imagery or product information to Drupal, so information is kept up to date and relevant.

Flowzone links into Filemaker to provide the advanced project document management capabilities Filemaker is missing.

Flowzone helps you easily manage the document approval process within EFI PrintSmith's comprehensive print management information system.

Personalised functionality


Create a familiar work environment through easy customisation. Set up your dashboard, custom searches, views, lists and notifications to suit your own preferences and replace existing spreadsheets, word documents, emails and other systems, with personalised functionality that mirrors your organisation's existing processes.


Use the safe and reliable project management software trusted by organisations worldwide. Flowzone is encrypted, protected and built in Java, the enterprise development environment that's highly scalable and extremely reliable. It's built on top of industry standard SQL databases that are the bedrock of IT infrastructures across the world, and uses the https protocol, which provides the same levels of 256-bit encryption that banks use for online services.

Safe and reliable software
Flowzone's additional features


Add more features to your system as and when you need them. Use two or three areas of Flowzone that are useful to you to begin with and keep the rest hidden away. As your business needs to grow or change, simply add more features that support your way of working at no extra cost.

Trust Flowzone like so many do

Rely on Flowzone to deliver a customised software solution. Relax knowing you're in good hands. Since 2010, Flowzone has been trusted to provide management software solutions to a wide range of businesses and organisations from SMEs to multi-nationals, major brands and government agencies.

This way to customise your Flowzone system


Giving you help and guidance at every step. We're always available, whether you have a question about Flowzone, or you want some training, or you have feedback about how we can make Flowzone even better.

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