How We Work

Interested in a tailor-made management solution?

What happens next...

Typically, we work closely with a team of two to five people in your company who are responsible for your organisation's processes day in and day out. This allows us to fully understand how your organisation works and what your teams need. Together, we then put a system in place that's tailored to your business's way of working, including how the interface looks and feels, the terminology used, and the information displayed. This process usually only takes a few steps:

We want to talk

We talk

One of our friendly knowledgeable team members will meet with you and get to understand how your teams want to work. They will be there right throughout the implementation.

Try our system for yourself

You try it out

You and your team get to try it out, run some test projects and get a feel for how it works. There's nothing like trying out a live system. Let us have your feedback so we can tweak your system until it is just right.

Now you're ready to go!

You get going

You and your team are now using Flowzone - congratulations! It really can be that simple.

Ongoing Support

Giving you help and guidance at every step.

We're always available, whether you have a question about Flowzone, want some training, or you have feedback about how we can make Flowzone even better. Whatever the question, we're always here to help.

Your own account manager

Every Flowzone client has an account manager, so you have someone who knows your system and how you work. As Flowzone is built around you, every system is different.

Your own unique Flowzone system
Quick online support


If you have a problem, log in and open a new support ticket, giving as much detail as possible, and we'll look into it straight away. You can usually expect to hear from us within two hours. You can log back in at any time to update your support ticket or check your ticket status. You can also check your archive to see all your current and past support tickets, complete with responses.

Give us a call

We like speaking to our clients and some things are best talked through. Call the support team on +44 (0)1344 636 439. We're available 9am-5.30pm UK time Monday to Friday.

Call our support team

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