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Automate anything

Our automation functionality can add that extra dimension to how you work.

As it can monitor and control any aspect of how Flowzone works it can make repetitive or complex tasks much quicker and simpler.

But it can go beyond that, creating completely custom functions.


You need to work out how well your jobs are progressing from start to finish.

In particular, you need to know the response time from one point in the process to another and analyse how that response time is changing over time.

No problem! Flowzone's automations can create an analysis that you can run at the click of a button and will provide you with that exact information in real time and which you can then export if you need to into Excel.


You have a range of products that you are working with and are doing various jobs or projects that are linked to those products.

You want to be able to access that list of products in Flowzone and then see all the related jobs or projects including any associated documents.

Not only that, when you create a new job or project you want it to pull in default information from the product information.

No problem! Flowzone's automations can create that structure so you have a product list that you can access, view, update and see all related work.

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