All the tasks on a job laid out beautifully

Many projects have various tasks or activities that need to get done by your team.

These can be added freely and easily, in lists or directly into a timeline.

Create multiple views of job or project activities, your activies, team activities and much more.

Create multiple timeline views - as many as you need

Cut, slice, combine, aggregate your timeline information

Timelines can be created for any view you need


Specific project or job types


Different teams

Account Managers

Categories of activity

Running late


Unique Hybrid Views - Mix Your Lists and Timelines

You can add multiple columns of useful project or user information into your timeline views.

Project key deadlines, project or account managers, type of work, client name and any other information.

A powerful combination of your list views and timeline views that you can customise and filter.

Colour your timeline


Create your own prioritisation levels to help people work out what needs to be done next. 1 to 10? Or maybe, "Low", "Medium", "High"? Or something more creative - you decide.


You can create as many categories of activity as you need. In a creative studio you might, for example, have activity categories to identify artwork, copywriting, retouching, creative design and so on.


You can quickly complete activities, adding a comment if you want to provide some feedback. Then they will drop off your list of things to do and change colour.

View options - by project, user, milestone or individual activity

You can create as many different views of your activities as you need.

Each one can be filtered and sorted.

Access control

For any timeline you can decide which teams or groups get to see it.

Decide which users can add activities, who can edit them, who can complete them and who can simply see them.


Flowzone is a great replacement for those who might be using spreadsheets or project boards to schedule timelines for their projects.

It's always up-to-date and accessible.

However, you can export your timeline view into Excel, so you can take it offline and into meetings.

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So much more than simple task lists or Gantt charts.

Perfect for you if you work in an environment where you quickly want to see what is going on with your projects and team.

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