All the key dates that you want to hit in your projects

Everyone in tune with what needs to be done and when

Milestones showing in your project activity planning

Timeline views of milestones you can share

Simple list views - for one project or across multiple projects

Unique Hybrid Views - Mix Your Lists and Milestone Timelines

You can add multiple columns of useful project or user information into your milestone timeline views.

So, your key deadlines, project or account managers, type of work, client name and so on.

As always with Flowzone, the information is down to you.

A powerful combination of your list views and timeline views that you can customise and filter.

View by project, user or milestone

You can create different views of your milestones in multiple ways.

In fact, you can create multiple views of your milestone information, each one set up in a different way and filtering in different ways.

Access control

You can control who can see project milestones, but you can be more fine-grained than that. Decide which users can add milestones, who can edit them, who can complete them and who can simply see them.

Milestones and activities

Because you can see your milestones in your activities timeline, you can use them as a visual planning tool to make sure that all the activities that you need for a particular milestone are scheduled in.

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Milestones to share all your key dates

Perfect for you if you work in an environment where you quickly want to see what is going on with your projects and team.

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