Create a workflow for everything you are working on

From simple to complex jobs, workflows connect everyone together.

Whatever you are working on

Marketing workflow

Design process

Brief sign off

Document or artwork approval

Campaign delivery

Project review

New product development

Lead management

Quality control

Account management

Brand management


Design how you want to work

Flowzone workflows give you flexible control over how your jobs or projects go from start to finish.

Loops and links where needed

Automatically assign individuals or groups

Require everyone to move a step on or just one

Define the workflow team

Builtin help at each step

Colour each step for status-like clarity

Fantastic for overviews of your work

Across all your jobs and projects, know at a glance...

...what step you are on

...which person (or people) are assigned to that step

View by project, step and user

You can view your workflow steps by project, by step or by user.

In fact, you can create multiple views of your workflow information - each one set up in a different way and filtering in different ways.

The Team

Define the workflow team

Flexibly add or remove users at each step where required.

Different workflows will have different team setups.

Workflow Permissions

You can limit some users to simply following the workflows.

Others can jump steps and add additional users into a step.

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Create a workflow for everything you are working on

No more confusion over who is responsible for work at each stage.

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