Working with your Clients

Whether they are paying external clients or colleagues from around the business, work in a guided way with relatively infrequent users




Use the language your clients use

No need to transition to new terminology


Create a user journey that works for both them and you

As your business requirements change, so can Flowzone

Help and guidance

Build in help and guidance so clients know exactly what is going on

Reduce the onboarding process to almost nothing - just send new users a login

Keep it simple

More advanced functions hidden so the options are limited to only those they need

Only show the elements of each job or project they need to see

Infrequent User Challenge

The core team using any system can get up to speed relatively quickly.

For more infrequent users they need a clear user journey to help them see what is going on straight away.

This is supported by as much help, assistance and guidance as they need.

For internal or external clients, the challenges are similar: making a system really work for users who will get limited exposure

Separate views of information

Different groups of users have their own levels of access.

Create separate views within the same project.

Your core team and your clients will view and access each job or project in different ways.

Separate your...

Project lists

Forms and briefs

Schedules and timelines


Time recording


Whether your clients are internal or external, Flowzone helps you connect to them

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