Working with your Clients (External or Internal)*

How Flowzone brings you and your clients together

* sometimes your "clients" are within your own organisation

Use Flowzone's extensive customisation tools to create a sharing, collaborative space.

Create a journey for your clients, that fits with the way you want to work together.

Custom login, dashboard, lists of work in progress and completed and briefs create a custom journey for the client

A user journey that is clear for everyone

Clear dashboards

Welcome and guidance where required

Relevant lists of work in progress, completed - organised in a way that makes sense to everyone

Clear user journey - eliminate training

Approval Built in

Send any work, job, brief or document for approval all within the same environment.

Separate client and internal timelines

Two timelines in the same project.

One is where your client can see when work is due by.

The other, which only you can see - is used to manage your team internally.

You can combine the two in another view!

Your clients working in a way that works for them

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