Working with your Teams

How Flowzone brings your Teams together

Everything you need in one place - no need to add multiple applications

Sharing lists of jobs and all your work

Multiple views - as many as you need - for all your work

Each team has their own set of views.

From a management perspective, you can view everything that is going on.

It's like having multiple spreadsheets that manage all your work - to which everyone can contribute.

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No need to use emails just to keep on top of what is going on

Real-time updating through shared comments and workflows

Updates on single projects and across all those you are interested in.

Store, review, approve, share documents

Approval process becomes part of your overall process

Annotation and version comparison

Compare annotations in previous version with latest version

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Managing your timelines

Multiple views of your studio and other calendars

Track all your to-dos and see them completed

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Create beautiful briefs and forms for your clients or partners to complete and send onto you.

Completely flexible - collect information in a dynamic and clear way to help kick off a project.

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Bring your teams together - with everything in one place

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