Design your forms - get creative

Flowzone's forms are as flexible as you need them to be.

They can be simple.

Or they can have multiple columns, many fields of information and contain a wealth of detail.

You can lay them out in many ways...

  • single column
  • multiple columns
  • card style
  • grid style

That's just a few examples. Get creative!

You can make them professional and concise. Or funky and colourful.

Add imagery, hints and help to guide those completing them in an engaging way.

Our clients often start with existing Word forms, but you have so much more flexibility in Flowzone to make those forms attractive and easy to complete.

And briefs?

In Flowzone a brief is just one application of the kind of custom form that you can easily create. It's a common requirement of many of our clients - many projects start off with the collection of information.

Multiple forms

You are not restricted to just one custom form (or brief) - you can create as many as you like.

For example, if you are doing a creative project then you might need a brief that would describe the audience, the objectives, the type of campaign, the types of materials and much more. If you are reworking something that has already been done you wouldn't need that much detail - simply the changes that need to be made with, perhaps, a reference to the previous project.

You can have different forms for different parts of the same project. A project might start with a brief but then need to finish off with a quality assurance checklist.

Controlling the Entry

You can control the entry of information in forms in many ways.

Some fields might be so important that you can set them as mandatory.

You can get even more sophisticated and request a minimum level of text entry: such as a minimum of 140 characters, to make sure that the critical parts of your brief are completed with enough detail.

Equally, if you need to freeze the brief at a certain point in your process - such as when it is approved - then it can be set to read-only at that point.

Sharing form information

One of the great things about working with Flowzone custom forms is that all the information entered into your form is then available in your Flowzone list views. This then provides an alternative way of seeing that information.

Audit trail

The entry and update of all form information is kept in an audit trail. So, if you ever need to go back and see who entered or updated a brief and when that was, it's easy.

Forms as part of a workflow

Briefs in Flowzone aren't used in isolation. They are generally part of a process or workflow.

That workflow might start with a brief being completed; but it might then go through a brief approval process that can simply and easily redirect the brief back to the originator if, for example, more detail is required.

Once the brief is completed and approved, the information it contains can then be used within the Flowzone project as that project is moved on.

Flowzone's forms can go from simple to complex. Whatever you need, you can create it with Flowzone's super-flexible custom tools.

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Flowzone's forms can go from simple to complex. Whatever you need, you can create it with Flowzone's super-flexible custom tools.