Our view is that islands of information should be brought together and Flowzone is designed to do exactly that. We have connected with a wide range of system including:

  • Accounting
  • Management Information Systems
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • CRM
  • Sales Management

We can get Flowzone to talk to these systems to get updates or to push updates back as Projects in Flowzone progress, synchronising seamlessly. Here's a couple of examples of the type of integration that we have done.


Flowzone can connect to other systems to create powerful solutions that are far more effective than systems working in isolation.


Flowzone works with Synergist to make a powerful financial control tool that offers end-to-end agency management.

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By integrating with Concept, Flowzone can be used to collect and share non-accounting information with colleagues, departments, suppliers and clients.

Syspro is a leading ERP solution with powerful features and innovative technologies which, when integrated with Flowzone, can streamline and transform your supply chain.

Flowzone sends approved content, such as imagery or product information to Drupal, so information is kept up to date and relevant.

New employees appear in Flowzone automatically once approved in People HR and authorised holidays appear in the timeline, letting you plan accurately.

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Flowzone helps you easily manage the document approval process within EFI PrintSmith's comprehensive print management information system.