Flexible Project Management

Supports your way of working

Saves you time

Simplifies processes

Improves communication

Connects your teams

Flowzone is a powerful project management system. It's the simplest way to organise your projects, your teams and your business.

  • Flexible project management system
  • Fully customisable management features
  • Easy document management
  • Cloud or server based systems
  • Cloud or server based systems
  • Cloud or server based systems

It's about what you do every day


Under Control


Stress free

If you're looking to manage projects, processes, information, communications, documents, assets, workflows or more - Flowzone can do it all for you in one place.

Flowzone will become your centralised system through which everything flows. Making your day-to-day management stress free and under control.

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Want to avoid a rigid solution you have to work around? Flowzone is a flexible, customisable solution that fits in with how you want to work.

With that inherent flexibility, Flowzone can adapt to all business types and sizes across all industries. Have a look at some of our clients here.

  • Adapts to what you do - no problem
  • Whatever your type of team or business
  • One team or many

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Built-in document management

Flowzone plug-in

Project Storage

No need for Dropbox or shared folders

Flowzone plug-in

Annotation & Comparison

No need for Acrobat

Flowzone document approvals

Document Approvals

Simple approval process without emails

Flowzone plug-in

Digital Asset Management

Create libraries of assets to share

Easily save, share and manage the documents you are working on

No more confusion over where the most recent version of any file is. Everything is in one place and accessible anytime.

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In the cloud or on your server

In the Cloud

Fast and secure access to all your projects, documents and assets.

On your Server

Need to have all your data within your firewall? Or fitting in with your IT policies?

Custom-built management tool

Flowzone customise forms, views

Custom Project Views

Multiple spreadsheet views that give you all your project information in real time.

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Flowzone customise dashboard and tabs

Custom Dashboards

A summary of all your projects or tasks and the central hub to your working day.

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Flowzone plug-in

Custom Client Portals

A summary of all your projects or tasks and the central hub to your working day.

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Our Clients

Millions of projects. Hundreds of businesses.

Flowzone is used and trusted by marketing and communications teams, creative agencies, government departments, educational organisations and professional services firms in the UK and across the globe. It's a customisable system for local or worldwide, teams, organisations and industries.

To give you a flavour of how Flowzone can be adapted to different circumstances, here's some contrasting examples.

Expertise on tap

All the help you need to get started

We provide as much consultancy, advice, implementation help and training as you need.

We're passionate about taking each client's unique needs and creating an easy-to-use system that supports the way they work.

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Speed of delivery

Get going in no time at all

Flowzone has a quick configuration environment. Add that to our wealth of experience and you'll soon have a project management system built around you and your business.

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From Simple to Complex

Relax in the knowledge that you have all the power you need

Flowzone is simple to navigate and has an easy-to-use interface. But it can also sort out your more complex work, process and management problems when you need it to.

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