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Flexible Project Management

Supports your way of working

Saves you time

Simplifies processes

Improves communication

Connects your teams

Flowzone is a powerful project management system. It's the simplest way to organise your projects, your teams and your business.

Making Workflow Management easy with Flowzone

Fully customisable

A flexible system that can be easily tailored to the way you want to work. Supporting your team by digitising, streamlining and simplifying your existing processes.

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Built-in document management

Easily update, save, share and manage your documents. No more confusion over the most recent version of any file, everything in one place and accessible anytime.

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In the cloud or on your server

Fast and secure access to all your projects, documents and assets. You choose to run your Flowzone system from your personal dedicated server or up in the clouds, either way enjoy safe access.

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Custom-built management tool

Custom Project Views

Multiple spreadsheet views that give you all your project information in real time.

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Custom Dashboards

A summary of all your projects or tasks and the central hub to your working day.

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All your documents and assets organised and accessible anytime.

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Who we work with

Expertise on tap

Flowzone is more than an online project management solution.

We have the expertise to help you create a system that's built around how you want to work. We're passionate about taking each client's unique needs and creating a simple and easy-to-use system. One that really works for you.

Speed of delivery

Getting started with Flowzone is faster than you think.

Flowzone has a rapid configuration environment. Add that to our wealth of experience and you can have a project management system built around you and your business in no time at all.

Simplified for sucess

Flowzone is designed to be flexible, intuitive and easy to use.

By focusing on the user experience, we can get you up and running with the minimal amount of fuss. Flowzone is simple to navigate, has an easy-to-use interface and delivers everything you need to know at a click of a button. Simple.

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