Controlled Access

Different teams see only what is relevant to them

Separate teams - but all on the same system

If there are multiple teams using Flowzone or you are working with clients, then you will usually want to use Flowzone's power to create separate environments for each group.

Control which jobs or projects teams have access to and limit what they are able to see or do on each project.

Management perspective

If you do separate out access to other teams' work you will still, usually, have some people who, from a management perspective, will have access to all of the work across all teams.

Controlling access within projects

When users view a project to which they have access, they may only see limited information and not the full project details (if that's what is required.)

You can control every element in a project and, for example, turn on or off access to...

All documents

Documents with a certain status

Certain project information

Project schedule

Project milestones

Project comments and events

Who is in the project team

In Flowzone you are able to control all of this and more.

Controlling what users do

Along with controlling what projects a user has access to (and the information within that), you can control what users can do.

Can they create new projects, upload documents, add comments, create and edit activities?

With smaller teams you might allow everyone to do everything: keep it relatively simple.

But when you get working across multiple teams, you might want to turn off functions that just aren't going to be useful to people. Keep the system clean and simple for those users.

Fine-grained control

Open up or restrict what different teams can do.

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