Document Approvals

All in the browser. Nothing to download. Nothing to install. 100% hassle free.

Document approvals under control...

Every project you create in Flowzone comes with its own storage area.

You can upload one or more documents by drag and drop into this area - it takes no time at all.

Then using Flowzone's smart document approval capability, you can share with your colleagues, clients or anyone who needs to get involved and ask them to review and provide feedback.

They can then provide you with that feedback, all without resorting to endless emails.

Clear details on how document reviews are progressing

Lets users know which documents they need to approve

Built-in annotation tools

Easy-to-use approval process...

Send documents for approval in an instant

One or multiple users in the approval loop

Everything clear and under control

View documents inside projects and across all projects

Add approvals to your dashboard

Complete clarity for all your documents

No limits

No Acrobat

Flowzone review process is in the browser, so you can zoom and annotate freely. No need to use Adobe Acrobat.

No size restrictions

Since you are just sending a link to Flowzone - and not the document itself - you won't run into problems trying to send emails that are too large for some email systems.

Email systems won't get clogged up with large attachments.

Easy approvals, stay in control with Flowzone!

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