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Any document or asset type...

Anything you want to store within your job or project.

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Easy upload...

Single or multiple documents

Whole folders

Simple drag and drop

Optional folders...

You can create a folder structure to organise your documents and assets.

You can limit a particular team or client to certain folders.

Sharing everything you want to share...

Want to keep everything in one place, but control who gets to see what?

Centralise all your project information, schedules, activities, milestones and documents in one place.

Flowzone gives you the tools to share that information with different teams - including external stakeholders such as clients - in different ways. Allowing them to see the sub-set of information that you want them to see - but no more.

From Project Documents To Asset Management...

Flowzone has Digital Asset Management capability - we call this our "Library" functionality

Documents or assets can be sent straight to a Library by simply setting a status (or other criteria).

More capacity than you need...

Flowzone can handle very large amounts of data.

There's no practical limit - many terabytes of storage can be provided.

Of course, you don't need to have such large amounts of data. But it's good to know that Flowzone can scale that well.

Get maximum value out of your documents or assets

At one level, Flowzone has a simple way of storing your project documents - just upload everything which you want to share.

But it can go beyond that, with options to add metadata, link your project documents into libraries and much more.

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