Flowzone Pricing

A simple monthly fee structure.

Whatever the size of your team, whatever your team do, there's a Flowzone plan for you.


User / Month

Manage your team's work, simply and clearly

Minimum of 5 Users


Unlimited listsPublish multiple lists to display all your team's jobs or projects in any way you want

Unlimited columnsAdd columns of information, text, numeric, dates and much more and control how those columns are displayed

Unlimited formsCreate multiple forms and briefs to store and enter your information

1TB document storageMassive storage capacity for all your documents, images and other assets

Document approvalSimple to use, easy for people to provide feedback on any document that needs signing off

Document annotationAdvanced annotation functionality without downloading the document and no Acrobat required.

Custom dashboard panelsAdd all the information you need to your dashboard including bar and pie charts

Powerful user permissionsUnrivalled control over how groups of users work with the system


User / Month

Add in planning, scheduling & workflow

Minimum of 5 Users

Includes Standard plus...

ActivitiesPlan your activities for all your jobs or projects

Time linesView and manage your activies in different graphical layouts

Time recordingUnderstand time spent on your jobs or projects

Time trackingCompare time spent against budgeted time

Gantt viewsCreate multiple views of activities in a Gantt-style view

MilestonesPlan your key dates and track them

WorkflowsProgress your jobs or projects from start to finish


£10 +
  (please call)
User / Month

Awesome customisation for all your enterprise requirements

Minimum of 10 Users

Includes Pro plus...

Automations (unlimited usage)Anything in Flowzone can be automated; no limitations

Calculation columnsColumns in your job or project lists that are calculated in simple or complex ways

Advanced formsEffective and dynamic briefs and other forms

Kick-off formsDynamic briefs and forms that can start off your projects or jobs

Advanced custom dashboardsGet creative with your dashboard panels; bring your information to life

Custom functionsWant a completely new function specific to how your team works?

IntegrationsLet us integrate Flowzone with your key systems

Guest accessAllow guests to interact with your Flowzone in any way you want

Fully functional free 30 day trial, come and try Flowzone out.

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