a.k.a Workflows

From simple to complex jobs, workflows connect everyone together.


Take your marketing jobs from initial brief through to completion

Design process

Collaborate and engage with account managers by simple workflows that move design work from concept through to review and approval

Brief sign off

Before you even get started on a job, make sure the brief is clear and has been checked

Document or artwork approval

When you need clarity about where each of your documents is on the review process

Campaign delivery

Campaigns can be broken down into individual parts, each of those tracked through their own workflows

Quality control

Once a project has finished learn any lessons for future projects

New product development

Takes your new products through stage gates with multiple steps in between

Account Management

Your account managers interact effectively with multiple workflow jobs providing fantastic clarity across the team


Even if it is just passing work between colleagues workflows help you keep track

Like statuses, just way better...

Provide a simple framework

Everyone knows where every project is up to

Standardise how your projects move from step to step

Make sure important steps are not left out

Self-guiding and self-explanatory

Simply choose what step to move to next

Drastically reduce time

No more questions about where the project is and who is working on it

Let's compare...

Flowzone Workflows
(Super-powered statuses)

Standard statuses

Colour for clarity

Loops and links where needed

Automatically assign individuals or groups

Require everyone to move a step on or just one

Define the workflow team

Builtin help at each step

List views for the different steps your work is on

Steps can be assigned...

Across all your jobs and projects, know at a glance who is working on a step

Flowzone workflows move from one person to another. That can include people outside your organisation, if required.

Everyone is then working in tune with everyone else, even across organisational boundaries.

As you build guidance into each workflow step, even someone who is new to your process will know exactly what they need to do.

View by project, step and user...

You can view your workflow steps by project, by step or by user.

In fact, you can create multiple views of your workflow information - each one set up in a different way and filtering in different ways.

View by project

View by step

View by user

Great for oversight...

Everyone can see what step the project is on and who is responsible.

Each step can be coloured so it's like working with a set of statuses. The difference is that there is much better control over how a project moves between the statuses.

Loop, branch and jump...

Flowzone workflows allow you to loop and branch between steps.

These loops can enable super quick review and approval processes, moving rapidly between people or teams.

Jumping steps gives you an extra level of flexibility.

Workflows for everything you do...

You are not limited to just one workflow.

Different workflows can be setup to support how you manage all the different types of work you have.

Brief sign off

Coordinating a process between different teams

Final sign-off or quality control

Making sure your work is authorised correctly before initiation

Sundry processes such as holiday requests

Managing financial sign off

Retain flexibility...

Workflows help the majority of your work follow your ideal process.

Occasionally you may need to move the process in an ad-hoc way.

You can give users this option, so they can jump the workflow to another step.

You are not tied-down to a strict process.

Simple or complex workflow scenarios...

Sometimes just one person is assigned to a workflow step.

Sometimes a group or team can be assigned.

You control how the workflow moves in different situations to fit your needs.

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Flowzone workflows bring organisation and structure to your work...

But they are flexible when you need them to be!

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