Smart document annotation and comparison - without the hassle

All in the browser. Nothing to download. Nothing to install. 100% hassle free.

Zoom and pan

Images and documents can be zoomed and panned, all in the browser. Check details without having to download and open the file. Easy for everyone and great for people on the move.


Add comments and draw attention to exactly where you want to provide feedback or request amends. Flowzone's annotations tool is all in the browser: with no extensions, plugins or anything else required.

No need for Acrobat

As simple as that, no downloads required - all in the browser.

No size restrictions

Anyone you select to be involved in the review process will receive an email. Since you are just sending a link to Flowzone - and not the document itself - you won't run into problems trying to send emails that are too large for some email systems. It also means that email systems don't get clogged up with large attachments.

In control

As all your documents out for review and approval are organised, you get great oversight of the document approval process.

Statuses at a glance

As well as commenting and annotating, you have approval options that change the document status. That coloured status scheme (decided by you) tells you at a glance where you are with each document.

Version control

When you upload a new version, Flowzone automatically uses a naming convention to identify these for you. You can display the current alongside the previous versions or hide the previous versions.

Compare versions

Use the comparison function to see what has changed. Swipe from one version to another, or flick between the two.

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