Custom Dashboards

Get up to date on everything in one place

You can design a dashboard that summarises all the information you need. Different users can have different dashboards.

There will be a whole host of information in Flowzone: ongoing and completed work, updates, comments, documents, workflow actions, activities, milestones and much more.

Your dashboard allows you to organise everything that you are interested in.

All in one place.

The dashboard consists of panels that you can drag and drop around to get them prioritised in the way that makes most sense to you. It's not set in stone - as your priorities change, you can simply move things around.

What can go on the dashboard?

Dashboard panels are amazingly powerful. They can look up information across Flowzone and provide a filtered list of the things that are of interest.

Maybe you want to see...

Activities that are assigned to you

Work for a particular client, or department, or team that is being worked on now

Projects which are running late

Projects that have started this week, or month, or year

Projects that have completed this week, or month, or year

Documents that you have sent out for approval

Milestones for your team that are coming up in the next month

And these options are just a snippet of the almost-unlimited ways in which you can configure your panels.

Graphical reporting panels

You can add dashboard panels which have pie, line or bar charts. They summarise, in a graphical way, what is happening - or has happened - or is going to happen - across your Flowzone system.

Graphical welcome or help panels

Get creative and insert a panel with some funky graphics or even a video as a welcome to new users.

You can insert guidance so that even users with no knowledge of the system can get going straight away.

Panels for different groups

At Flowzone, we often talk about audiences. Different groups have different requirements. Although this powerful functionality will be great for super users, we know that some users will just want to see a standard set up.

One of the great things about Flowzone is that you can set up a standard dashboard for those more standard users, so that they have a consistent view. But that doesn't mean that it is set in stone. If you want to make changes to that consistent view you can do.

Flowzone's custom dashboards are an incredibly powerful environment that you can set up as simply or as detailed as you need. Then flex them, so that every user who comes onto the system gets to see the information that is relevant to them.

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