Document Asset Management

Create a resource of finalised or approved assets

Group documents by type

Group documents by client

Create a resource for anyone who needs it...

Get maximum value out of your assets.

Anyone can view, access and download the assets they need.

Photos, PDFs, videos, graphics, data sheets, brand assets, technical information, logos... all can be uploaded and organised, and made available for your team or wider company.




Organise with metadata...

From simple statuses and text to more complex structures, Flowzone has it covered.

Metadata will help you to organise, control and share your documents.

Share with control...

With metadata, you can decide whether you want certain groups to see specific assets.

You can hide away from general view all assets except for those with a certain status. Of course, higher level users will still be able to see everything - if that's what you want.

Projects to Libraries...

With Flowzone you can use your Projects to feed your Libraries.

Your Projects can be used to get assets approved, so that they then appear automatically in your Library simply by updating a status and without having to copy or move assets.

That means you don't have duplication issues, or any complications from managing assets in different places.

Get maximum value out of your assets

Create multiple libraries for clients or yourselves

Get started

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