Client Portals

Different branding and views - all on one system.

Flowzone is used to communicate within and across internal teams.

However, it is often used to aid communication with external partners and, in particular, clients.

Flowzone lets you create an environment that is tailored to your clients' requirements: what we call a "portal".

A portal includes the login screen - these login screens are on the same Flowzone system.

Unlimited custom branding

Flowzone "skin" customisation tool allows you to add your own branding.

If you are working with clients, you can add their branding to their view of the system.

There are no limits to the number custom skins a single Flowzone system can provide to different groups.

Helping everyone feel right at home.

A tailored dashboard

Next, you can create a welcoming home page or dashboard. Flowzone allows you to create custom panels on your dashboard which could include:

Welcome messages

A scrolling list of recent work that has been completed

A link to downloadable client brand assets

Pie charts and other graphical elements to give your client instant summaries

It can be useful to add a section on the dashboard that highlights anything for which you are awaiting a response from them: such as feedback, briefs or document approvals.

Give every client the perfect portal

Each client can be given a completely different experience - or you can create a common experience across all your clients. Flowzone lets you carve out exactly what clients get to see: the information that is relevant to them and is useful in keeping them up to date on the progress of their work. That might include:

Completed briefs


Lists of related work

Statuses to clearly indicate progress

Relevant documents and assets

The information you include for a client can include information that is particular to them. For example, if they have multiple brands, you could identify different work that you are doing within those brands.

Keep it simple

Importantly, Flowzone allows you to hide anything which is not relevant to your clients, so their view is simple and clear.

Flowzone lets you set up a client portal that fits in with their brand and their way of thinking.

Give them an experience that they will want to come back to.

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