Get creative with your forms and briefs!

Complete freedom with as many forms as you need

Flowzone's forms are as flexible as you need them to be

Project dashboards

Project briefs

Project checklists

Create forms in moments...


Create your own checklists to make sure that everything is ticked off

Brief information

Make your own briefs. And not just one, create as many as you need for every type of work that you do

Notes and background

Store all the project information in one place

Custom project dashboards

Place key info and summaries of your documents, activities, comments and much more to get quickly up to speed on any project you visit

Creative forms for everything...

You are not restricted to just one custom form (or brief) - you can create as many as you like.

For example, if you are doing a creative project then you might need a brief that would describe the audience, the objectives, the type of campaign, the types of materials and much more.

Whereas, if you are reworking something that has already been done you wouldn't need that much detail - simply the changes that need to be made with, perhaps, a reference to the previous project.

You can have different forms for different parts of the same project. A project might start with a brief but then need to finish off with a quality assurance checklist.

Viewing form information in your Flowzone lists

All the information entered into your forms will be available in your Flowzone list views.

Making all that information searchable, sortable and exportable.

Forms as part of a workflow

Once a form has been completed it can be sent off for review as part of a simple Flowzone workflow.

The form information can be checked, and quickly sent back for amends or approved.

Controlling form entry

You can control the entry of information in forms in many ways.

Conditional fields, mandatory fields and much more.

Audit trail

The entry and update of all form information is kept in an audit trail, so you can always see who entered or updated a brief and when that was.

Get creative with your forms!

Whatever you need, you can create it with Flowzone's super-flexible custom tools.

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