Awesome Custom Lists!

Different customised list views - as many as you need - for all your work

It's like having connected spreadsheets which everyone can contribute to

All these views on one system

Create new list views in moments

Great for...

different types of work

showing what each team is working on

projects from different countries or regions

projects running late or on hold

projects from a key brand

each manager's work

a list for the different steps your work is on

priority projects

activities that need actioning

all the projects you need to action

documents that need approving

projects that your team are leading

Endlessly customisable...


The perfect way to share information across teams, departments, companies, partners or clients.


What is relevant to you might not be relevant to your colleague (or your client). Setup views that make sense for each group, showing only on the information they need.


Although each team works on their own projects and has their views, some people need to get a wider perspective. Get that oversight and track what is going on right across the business.


You need to hide sensitive information from certain groups? No worries, you can safely control access to everything.

Assign list views to different groups...

You decide who gets to view each list (and who doesn't).

Different teams within the same Flowzone system can have completely different list views.

Some higher level or management users will be able to see every list view (if that's what you want).

Customise your list views...

Users can add or remove columns and organise the ordering of their columns.

They can quickly filter or apply search criteria.

Everyone gets a list view that works for them.

Flowzone's list views are incredibly powerful...

Each row is a gateway to more information, including documents, activities and milestones, team members, timelines, briefing information, sub projects, and much more...

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