Case Study: Certified Graphics

Delivering packaging aligned to the brand vision of their clients

Certified Graphics are a specialist packaging agency based in Richmond, London, UK. They have a streamlined and integrated production approach that means they can deliver packaging aligned to the brand vision of their clients.

David Price is the founder of Certified Graphics. He has a wealth of experience and technical expertise in all things artwork, repro and print and he brings this to the packaging process.

As he says "We are all about building longstanding partnerships, not only with clients but with agencies and printers."

David continues "We manage projects from concept to shelf. You could say our job is to take all the stress away from the packaging production process. To help us achieve this we need systems that really work effectively for us."

Document management - feedback and collaboration

"We use Flowzone mainly for document management. We need a central place where all stakeholders can come in, provide feedback and collaborate on each job or document."

As David notes "Flowzone fits the bill perfectly. It is simple to use and clear; our clients can comment on PDFs, annotate them or let us know when they are approved."

Process under control

"For us it's important to have this part of our process under control and Flowzone is great for that. We can see at a glance everything that's going on; what's been approved and where we are waiting for feedback."

Intuitive & easy to use

"When you are working with outside partners you don't want to have to train them on how to use a system so having something that is intuitive from the off is great."

"The other thing that clients appreciate is that when they log in the colour scheme and logo will match their brand. It's a nice extra touch."

In summary

David concludes "We've been using Flowzone for many years. We know that it can do much more beyond how we use it and we have started looking into incorporating more Flowzone functionality into our process. Up to now though, it has been great for taking the stress out of how we manage our documents and the whole approval process. "

Flowzone makes managing your projects or jobs so much easier

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